Access to Jl. Kuningan Barat [Cyber Building]

IT/ISP/NAP People Knows How Important of Cyber Building. And other buildings as well in Jl. Kuningan Barat for other business purpose .
Even non IT/ISP/NAP People knows either.
This Cyber Building is a green one with 11 floors height.
Located in South of Jakarta.

How really strategic this building, sometimes limited by the access.
3 in 1 is one of them.
From 7:00 till 10:00 WIB in the morning the access from Gatot Subroto is really limited.
Only to them who drive cars with 1 driver & 2 passengers at least who allowed to pass.
Motor Cycles are fine.

While office begins in 8:30 in the morning instead.
Alternative ?

a. From H.R Rasuna Said / Pancoran (1)
Go to Mampang towards Buncit, on the first SPBU after Shell Gas Station on your left, turn left.
Make a U Turn in that Mampang Prapatan 8 Street.
Take a right turn on that junction to get back to Cyber Bld

b. From H.R Rasuna Said / Pancoran (2).
Go to Santa Junction (Tendean – W. Monginsidi), turn left to Wijaya and make a U Turn to get back to the junction.
Take a right turn on that junction to get back to Cyber Bld

c. From Buncit
Follow the stream till Mampang Prapatan.
Before Kuningan Junction there’s a left turn street.
Not a pretty enough street for two cars to pass over (you are about centimeters away to other)…
Not a pretty smooth way, there are holes & traps.
Actually this is only for One Way Purposed.
But not in real life, it’s Two Ways.

Two ways system makes crowd traffic even jam could have easily happened every morning.
It really wasted time here.
Sometimes the “controller” with “green custom” install his own priority and allow on who’s car paid them money to be firstly move :)
One Way is a Good Idea, while out direction from Jl. Kuningan Barat will be forced to Mampang Prapatan to go to Jl. H. R Rasuna Said.

Wishing Building Owners here all the way in Jl. Kuningan Barat gathered, to provide a good access for their tenants.
And their building is really important to Indonesia.

a. rahman isnaini r.sutan

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