[Application] Google Earth Shows the Right Kiblat For Moslem & Masjid.

Old fashioned technology sometimes misguided us to a right place.
Kiblat which located in Ka’bah Mecca was also used to be pointed in a wrong direction.
Kiblat is a Center of Moslem Praying Direction which shows no matter where they stand in this world towards the same destination in one big family.

Here you can see, one of Masjid near by my House in Bekasi, Indonesia.. called Al Kautsar.
Has been properly re-directing & re-point to a correct coordinate of Ka’bah last month.
It used to be pointed to Latin of America :) before.

Google indirectly helps Moslem & Islam Community for their Praying Direction Properly all over worldwide.

a. rahman isnaini r.sutan

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