[Juniper] Clear IP Route Cache from Forwarding Table

Symptoms :

- Your Routing Table is Normal
- Your traceroute is abnormal
- Your Juniper doesn’t forward the traffic the the right / proper next-hop as in RIB

This command is to clear and refresh the RIB also FIB in Juniper.
I have above problems on my site and all get back to normal after clearing Juniper Forwarding Table Routes.

This command is Hidden by Juniper.
You won’t be able to see if you type question mark “?”, it has to be forced :)

admin@Ro1>clear rou
syntax error.

admin@Ro1> clear route forwarding-table ?
Possible completions:
Destination prefix

admin@Ro1> clear route forwarding-table
delete gateway

You have to issue “show route forwarding table destination″ firstly.
Router gives you the correct network/prefix with the next-hop ip address information, cached in forwarding table route of Juniper. (network/prefix), (next-hop)

I haven’t yet find such a way to clear all route cache in forwarding table at once :) like Cisco “clear ip route *”
It has to be done prefix by prefix.

a. rahman isnaini r.sutan

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